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Linda is the founding owner and director of the Center of Awakened Health (COAH) in North Carolina, USA.  She has over 40 years hands-on experience as a health professional in the field of “Natural Medicine” and Holistic Health, working with chronically ill patients; for example, conditions such as cancer, kidney failure, diabetes, hypertension, kidney stones, hepatitis, hypothyroidism, immune conditions, the list goes on.

Disease is simply congested energy – linda

Linda has presented seminars in 5 countries thus far, reaching out to fellow practitioners, healers and those seeking to take conscious responsibility for their health. She has developed two certification training program which include an extensive and professional handout manual. Contact COAH for scheduled dates.

 Esoterically speaking, as conscious awareness expands the body is seen more as a “unified whole” and our perspectives of medicine becomes simpler and more reasonable” – linda


The 2021 COAH Manual

2-Day Level I Seminar

During this full two days, you will have in your notes and in the handouts provided, all you need to take you on a pathway of enlivening the vital energy of the physical vehicle. Detoxification, alkaline balance, and high vital energy dietary protocols is essential in our journey towards physical body health.

You will come away with an understand that the root cause of most disease is acidity, toxicity, and inherent weaknesses. To understand how to reverse this, is the main intent of this seminar. Much practical guidance is presented and the handouts (collected and updated over Linda’s past 40 years) are valuable teaching tools.

We must always keep in mind that there is an “inner” and “Outer” cause of disease. During this particular seminar, the emphasis is on reversing the outer causes. It is for us to understand however, that the inner situation (emotional-mental expressions) is the initiating cause which ultimately enter the physical cells, which of themselves, have predispositions (environmental) and inherent weaknesses, which eventually produce illnesses. The causative factors exists in the meeting of both inner and outer existing factors.

Let us summarize some of the objectives for Level I Seminar, which include the understanding of:

  • the distinction between detoxification dietary protocol and lifestyle dietary protocol.
  • detoxification and alkalinization and the chemistry and nature of acidity.
  • the great lymphatic system and its underlying causes of diseases.
  • the use and nature of Superfoods.
  • what you need to know to sustain health.
  • medicinal nutrition and the distinctions between the categories (protein, fat, carbs etc) and there use.
  • the use and nature of herbal botanicals for cellular cleansing and regeneration.
  • the QRA Testing and its introduction as a stand along diagnostic tool which informs what botanicals are needed.
  • the endocrine (hormone) system and its connection to the emotional body and how you can support the health of this system without hormone therapy.
  • nutritional healing and therapeutic protocols for chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, liver-gallbladder issues, hypertension, arthritis, and any other conditions that arise from questions asked during the seminar.

Certification is available, for those interested, who successfully pass the open book exam.


Linda and student at a Seminar in Romania

Level II 6-Day Certification Intensive

Over the past 40 years, many fellow sisters and brothers in the health field have come as our guest to “shadow Linda” and gather whatever benefits their practice. After many years of doing this, we felt it time to organize a “Certification Program” for health practitioners and qualified helper-healers and charge a fair fee.
The purpose of the certification is for students to have proof that they have had professional training in Detoxification, Nutritional Healing, Lifestyle Programs, and Therapeutic Protocols. This includes teaching from A-Z what we do here at COAH (includes anatomy, chemistry, and physiology) as well as specific recommendations for continuous training elsewhere so to build upon their knowledge and potential transmission of Wisdom.

After 40 some years working directly with chronic illness clients and having a very successful business, Linda felt an “inner pull” and sensed that it was time to organize a “training program” of some kind for health practitioners and qualified helper-healers. The responsibility and amount of work this involved was enormous. She felt that the need for sincere “healers” working in this field is great, and Linda wanted to share whatever was helpful and supportive, like so many of her mentors over the years.
According to Linda, what is most critical is a sincere heart and to ”keep our cup open” so to continuously be filled and learn, including from our mistakes.

The purpose of the certification is for students to have proof that they have had professional training in Detoxification, Nutritional Healing, Lifestyle Programs, and Therapeutic Protocols. This includes teaching from A-Z what we do here at COAH (includes anatomy, chemistry, and physiology) as well as continuous support after the seminars.

The intent is to provide the student with what they need to set up a practice as a QRA Practitioner and Detoxification Specialist. This comes after the Level I and II training with successful demonstration of the ability to QRA test. There is a true need for sincere healers grounded and assured in their understanding of how to support others in nutritional therapy, detoxification, and assessment of which botanicals are needed and so on. This includes the organization of the business aspect with the needed forms, wholesale supply sources and so on.

A professional Handout Manual is provided during Level II, that documents the information learned during the Level I and Level II lessons and practices, with creative handouts, detailed protocol instructions, teaching tools, inventory lists, forms, supplies and so on.

Continued Support after the 6-day Workshop
Linda and her assistance are always available (without charge) to support and answer questions regarding chronic illness cases, details for setting up a business and so on. Linda offers the students to come and “shadow” her with clients. Many find this helpful and encouraging.

Small group talk at a healing center, in the jungle of Peru.
Linda visits there (Amaru Spirit) every year where she sees people individually and in small groups.


2-Day Seminar Level I:
Depending on the number of people and the location and country, the cost is between $180 to $225 Dollars or Euros per person.
If held here at COAH, the cost is $180 dollars (and limited to 17 attendees). This includes juicing and an organic vegetarian lunch. A folder with in-depth handouts and teaching tools is provided.

Individual Appointments:
When traveling overseas or out of town, enough time is planned after the seminars, for individual appointments which includes QRA testing. The fee is a sliding scale between $90 to $250 Dollars or Euros.

6-Day Level II intensive:

The cost is $1500 Dollars. This includes fresh juicing, organic snacks, and daily delicious meals to demonstrate how remarkable healing vital food can be. For those who choose to stay here at COAH, a student discount of $45 dollars a night is offered, which includes breakfast (limited availability).