Flyer information:

Linda’s has worked about 40 years in the field of detoxification, Nutritional Healing, and Holistic Health, and is the founding owner and director of Center of Awakened Health (COAH). COAH, an environmentally non-toxic Healing Center, benefits individuals suffering from every type of chronic illness.

“As conscious awareness expands (esoterically speaking), the body is seen more as a “unified whole” and our perspectives of medicine becomes simpler and more reasonable”

Linda has presented seminars in 5 countries thus far. The intent behind them is to empower people “to be their own healer” and to understand how to fearlessly help themselves reverse chronic illnesses.  You will be guided to take a step-back and picture the body as a cohesive energetic field. This will provide an easy, and reasonable way to understand different interlinking processes … leading to the foundational cause and reversal of most diseases.

“There really are no diseases, just blocked energy”

You will learn methods of detoxing the material body and how to use nutrition to reverse inflammatory acidic chemistry, which leads to chronic illnesses.

Additionally, Linda will demonstrate how to determine the need for herbal botanicals through kinesiology and the use of intuitive skills. She will also integrate basic aspects of esoteric (inner world) knowledge, vital in true emotional and spiritual work.


2-Day Seminar Level I

A level I Certification is provided as proof of training in the following areas:

  • Understanding fully the detoxification protocol/diet, and lifestyle diets, (applicable to everyday life for the whole family.
  • Understanding the great lymphatic system and its underlying causes of most diseases.
  • Detoxification and alkalization of the great lymphatic system.
  • Superfoods that help “fill in” nutritional deficiencies, and where to acquire high integrity resources.
  • The use and nature of herbal botanicals for cellular cleansing and regeneration.
  • Introduction to science-based O-ring kinesiological testing analyzing the “weak” and “strong” primary acupuncture points connected to organs and glands. A powerful stand-alone diagnostic tool. The body, not the practitioner, informs what botanicals are needed.
  • Endocrine (hormone) system and its connection to the emotional body and how you can support the health of this system without hormone therapy.
  • Time for questions and answers regarding nutritional therapy and therapeutic protocols for specific chronic conditions such as tumors, diabetes, liver-gallbladder issues, hypertension, arthritis and so on.

The Certification of Training Certificate for Level I is optional. It is provided after taking and passing (80%) 100 question exam.

Individual Appointments:
When traveling overseas or out of town, enough time is planned after the seminars, for individual appointments with Linda.

Level 1 Certification Program in Romania 

2-Day Seminar Level II

This seminar is more about raising consciousness about the subtler bodies (emotional, mental and soul energy) and their effects on the physical vehicle. Much of the cause of disease comes from the emotions effecting the physical vehicle.  

Also, it is to understand the glandular system and its powerful connection with the emotional expression. For example, a “panic attack” is often a symptom of an adrenal gland imbalance.  

How to work with the subtler areas of our nature is what this seminar is about. It is vital in the field of healing to address the body-mind-spirit aspect. This is in part of the work of “holistic health”

The requirement for this seminar: 

  • Completion of level I seminar

  • Interest in holistic health as it relates to helping self and others to “deactivate” disturbing emotional-thought forms.

  • The students desire to sincere walk-in harmlessness. 


Practitioners 6-Day Intensive

Over the years many fellow sisters and brothers in the health field have come to COAH, (as our guest), to “shadow Linda” and gather what benefits their own practice. After many years of doing this, we felt it time to organize a “Certification Program” for health practitioners and qualified healers and charge a fair fee.

The purpose of the certification is for students to have proof that they have had professional training in Detoxification, Nutritional Healing, Lifestyle Programs, and Therapeutic Protocols. This includes teaching from A-Z what we do here at COAH (includes anatomy, chemistry, and physiology) as well as specific recommendations of continuous training elsewhere to build their knowledge base for Wisdom to grow. 

We have simplified our system and can easily assist others to set up a practice; either professionally or simply with the intent of helping friends and family. This includes the sharing of all our forms, handouts, teaching tools, inventory purchases and so on. 

Our intent is to spread abroad true and reasonable natural/alternative medicine that “does no harm” and truly empowers people to help relieve suffering whenever possible. 

Cost of the Seminars:

2-Day Seminar Level I:
Depending on expenses (plane cost etc) it ranges from $150 to $200 dollars (or Euros) per person. Includes teaching tools and handouts. Snacks and drinks are usually provided.  The Certificate of Training (with exam) is provided for $50 dollars (or euros) extra.       

2-Day Esoteric Seminar Level II:
Depending on expenses (plane cost etc) it ranges from $150 to $200 dollars (or Euros).

Individual Appointments:
Appointment AFTER  attending the seminar ranges from  $100 -150 dollars or euros. 

Practitioners 6-Day intensive:
This includes staying here at the center, as our guest for 6 days, meals, experiencing protocols, QRA testing and so on.   Also includes helpful support after completing the 6-days, to answer questions and help with special cases. The cost is $1900.                                                                                                                    Note:  We do offer references to contact those who have been through our program.

Small group talk at a healing center, in the jungle of Peru.
Linda visits there (Amaru Spirit) every year where she sees people individually and in small groups.