Detoxification Therapies

Infrared Therapy

  • Detoxification is increased by 200-400%.
  • Especially beneficial when used in conjunction with herbal enemas (herbal colon cleansing), and therapeutic soaking and skin scrubbing.
  • Infrared therapy is a safe way to reduce heavy metals, toxic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, cellulite, and chronic infection.
  • We suggest you check out High Tech Health Infrared Sauna. Our research, as well as our extensive use of this sauna, rates them Excellent. See pictures on → their website. They agreed to give our clients a discount.

Herbal Enemas

  • An effective way to rid the body of toxic accumulations of bodily waste which can build up over years. While “holding” this healing plant potion in the lower colon, the liver experiences these herbs as well (every 3 minutes) via the Hepatic Portal System.
  • Has an enlivening effect on the liver.
  • Our herbal potion is gently made into a strong tea. It contains 14 different organic herbs.

Therapeutic Soaking Baths

  • Special soaking tubs used for skin and lymphatic therapy
  • An incredibly peaceful and soothing experience
  • Aromatherapy and special minerals sometimes used

Targeted Mud Packs

These I-packs are described as “Medi-body packs”. They contain premier clays, botanicals, and marine vegetation, which are used for external cleansing of targeted areas called “Interference fields”. An interference field is any pathologically damaged tissue which becomes electro-chemically abnormal. Any time a tissue is injured, it can continually excite the autonomic nervous system. These centers of irritation through the autonomic nervous system may cause pain and disease in other parts of the body. Interference Fields

→  Targeted Mud Packs provide external detoxing, with its high cation exchange of heavy metals and toxins while eliminating pain and dramatically lessening the load on the immune system.
The need for targeted mud packing is determined by → QRA testing.

Specially Prepared Poultices

  • Special combinations of pure, organic herbal and clay mixtures for external use of palpable tumors.

Castor Oil Packs & Herbal Poultices

  • Castor Oil packs powerfully increase the flow of lymph throughout the body and break up painful, inflammatory congestion.
  • This speeds the removal of toxins surrounding the cells and reduces swollen lymph nodes.
  • More information ›

Movement therapy

  • Individualized movement therapy: yoga, chi-gong incorporated during the 3-day or 5-day stay.
  • 4-minute Nitric Oxide Release Workout – See youTube video: Dr Zach Bush’s 4 minute workout. Totally powerful and brilliant!!
  • Walk to our beautiful friendly village and breath-in the Microbiome from all the trees. Note: Southern Pines historically began as a place people came to heal of TB, because our air is purer then many places that have industry. The beautiful pines are apart of the reason as well. Many of the historical homes here have solarium rooms.


  • Our intent is to create an environment conducive for personal introspection. We support and teach meditation. However, this depends on each person’s preferences. We are here to honor and support our fellow beings’ individual paths.

 Massage therapy

  • There is a new way of doing lymphatic massage. We show our client how to do this along with providing a picture handout of the procedure.
  • Here at COAH, we do gentle intuitive body work. We usually take this opportunity during mud-packing sessions.