Linda Sheer

“The Journey to radiant health begins with the realization of the body, mind, spirit connection”
-Linda S. Sheer

Linda Sheer, BS RN, CMTA, age 73, is a Registered Nurse, Nutritionist with multiple certifications and mentorships.

Over 40 years ago, Linda, a student of a long list of pioneers in the field of nutritional healing and cellular regeneration, began her career as a holistic/natural medicine health practitioner and detox specialist.

In the intervening years, Linda has created natural food and lifestyle programs for people with chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and degenerative health diseases as well as developed programs for individuals who are simply seeking better health.

Linda founded COAH (Center of Awakened Health) to realize her vision of health and well-being for all.

She has completed numerous certifications and workshops in nutritional therapy and “natural” medicine, and has studied with many leaders in the field of nutritional therapy, some of whom are listed below:

  • Licensed, Registered nurse in the States of North Carolina.
  • Certificated Metabolic Typing Advisor (advanced nutrition).
  • Advanced Level Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) Practitioner.
  • Over 30 years experience as a raw food chef.
  • Student/mentee of Harvey Lisle, author of “Enlivened Minerals.” Nationally known authority on composting and specialist in testing food for human consumption.
  • Four-year internship with Dr. Ann Wigmore, Founder of Hypocrites Health Institute. (She was Linda’s first teacher/mentor in the field of “nutritional healing” over 40 years ago.)
  • International Detox Certification under Dr. Robert Morse (→ see his YouTube channel)
  • Over 20 years mentorship in “Hands-on Healing Practices” from a beloved Soul-Conscious Being named Richard Smith, Director of Center of Eternal Light.
  • Over 25 years experience in massage, acupressure and intuitive energy work.
  • Instructor and continuous student of esoteric spiritual practices and meditation.

In addition:

  • Former clinical nurse instructor.
  • Former Director of Center Operations for over 30 weight loss medical centers throughout the United States, and presented national seminars on weight management.
  • Experienced biodynamic/organic gardener

Saint Jeffrey 

the multi-tasking heart
behind the scene: 

Business/financial management,
tech support, maintenance,
compassionate listener. 

Jeff is also a Gemologist.

And somehow, he still finds time to be
majorly active in community service.  

We often hear him singing as he enters
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to turn seriousness into humor.