QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) Testing

Science-based kinesological testing, based on the analyzation of the primary acupuncture points. This is a bidigital O-ring test based on 23 university studies (patented 1993).

According to Quantum physics, the Bio-energy field must be addressed along with substance (meaning physical body).

QRA practitioners use QRA kinesological testing that features firm pressure, stress tapping and four-polarity testing to pinpoint deficient areas to help quickly get to the core of your chief concern.

QRA provides an efficient, clinically proven stand-alone technology. It may also be used along with other modalities.

QRA practitioners can test for and eliminate hidden Interference fields (IFs) such as pathological reflexes from scar or trauma sites. Reflex patterns from interference fields sedate organ and gland function.
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Other Considerations

  • Testing for Food Sensitivities:
    We can easily determine so-called allergies by QRA testing individual food sensitivities. In most cases, allergies disappear after detoxification of the lymphatic system and eliminatory organs
  • Allergies or Weakened Reflex Points?
    It has been clinically observed that many so-called allergies are actually the symptoms of imbalances due to the long-standing weakening of one or all of the following organs. These organ imbalances are caused by lymphatic congestion:
    – Kidney
    – Liver
    – Large Intestine
    – Gallbladder
    – Stomach


Metabolic Typing Analysis

Matching your nutrition with your individual metabolism helps in cases where those who come from extreme climates have generationally adapted to certain metabolic types.

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