Holistic Healing

Our work is to regain and sustain cellular enlivenment without man-made synthetic interferences designed to suppress symptoms without reversing the root cause. We work on a cellular level to remove toxins (detoxification), balance pH chemistry (reverse acidity) and enliven our cells with high electromagnetic energy, foods and juices. We use specifically designed therapies along with whole organic excipient-free herbal formulas to target weak organs and glands.

Our work encompasses chemistry, botanical science and physics. It does NOT encompass medical treatments for the suppression of symptoms. Detoxification, for example, involves the removal of influences that underly the causes of disease or illness on a holistic cellular level. 

Stunning new evidence, describing precise molecular interactions, powerfully demonstrates that genes only control less than 2% of our biology. Instead, it is the environment that primarily influences the behavior of our cells and genes – most notably our lifestyle, environmental toxins and chemicals, our thoughts, our emotions and our food intake. Even our beliefs influence cellular responses.  

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., a renowned cell biologist, demonstrates how the new science of epigenetics is revolutionizing our understanding of the “consciousness of cells” and the environment’s effects upon their behavior and health. 

Holistic Wisdom seeks to “do no harm” while recognizing the natural laws of nature. –  Linda

First step is usually QRA Testing:

This is a non-invasive assessment tool. Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) is a science-based O-ring kinesiological approach to analyzing the primary acupuncture points. The results identify “weakness” or “strength” of an organ or gland being tested. We allow the body to tell us exactly what cellular botanicals are necessary to bring “strength” to the targeted organ or gland. Our Botanicals are cellularly resonant, excipient-free organic blends designed to target specific organs and gland systems. (see more info → What is Cellular Resonant?)

Individualized Protocols:

Our goal is to educate people to help themselves. We teach the simplicity of alkalization and detoxification, utilizing enlivening raw foods, superfoods, pure botanicals, natural therapies, and so much more (see more info → Acids and Alkalies).

Detoxification Therapies:

We provide a variety of detox therapies, tailoring them to individual needs. See more info → Detoxification Therapies.

Holistic Approach:

Holistic approach is a very important aspect of healing. The subtler bodies (emotional, mental and etheric) play a vital part in their effect on the physical vehicle. For example, the adrenals are connected to emotional responses and when they are “exhausted” this can result in chronic fatigue and more.