Holistic Healing

The manifestation of illness is actually the body attempting to purify itself. Our cells are cities within themselves, conscious entities that know their multi functional tasks. Our work is to sustain or regain cellular enlivenment without the man-made effects of synthetic interferences.
This can be done through detoxification and alkalinazation which should be at the heart of ALL healing in order to support the body’s natural processes toward purification and cellular regeneration.

Detoxification encompasses the sciences of chemistry, biochemistry, botanical science and physics and is at the heart of true healing. It is NOT a way to remove symptoms; it is system of reversing illnesses by addressing the foundational causes.

Foundational causes have much to do with what we eat, what we breathe, what we touch and what we think. Our goal is to empower people regarding the science behind cellular detoxification and how to simply reverse the harmful effects of acidity and toxicity…. and more.

Holistic wisdom recognizes the natural laws of nature and seeks to do no harm.    –    Linda

First Step is usually QRA Testing:

This is a non-invasive stand-alone diagnostic tool. Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) is a science-based O-ring kinesiological approach to analyzing the primary acupuncture points. The results demonstrate the “weakness” or “strength” of an organ or gland being tested. We allow the body to tell us exactly what blends of botanicals are needed to bring “strength” to the targeted organ or gland. Our Botanicals are cellularly resonant, excipient-free organic blends designed to target specific organs and gland systems. (see more info → What is Cellular Resonant?)

Individualizing dietary protocol:

In the past 40 years specializing in Nutritional Healing and Detoxification I have observed evidence that acidity and toxicity are the primary causes of most diseases. Parasites (bacteria, viruses, fungus, worms, flukes) thrive in an acidic medium. (see more info → Acids and Alkalies). We teach the simplicity of alkalization utilizing enlivening food, superfoods and botanicals.

Detoxification Therapies:

We provide a variety of detox therapies, tailoring them to individual needs. See more info → Detoxification Therapies.

Holistic Approach:

Holistic approach is a very important aspect of healing. The subtler bodies (emotional, mental and etheric) play a vital part in their effect on the physical vehicle. For example, the adrenals are connected to emotional responses and when they are “exhausted” this can result in chronic fatigue and more.