Preparation for your stay with us

Personal products
We provide everything you need for the special health of your hair, skin, and teeth. All these products are nontoxic. So please do not bring any perfumes, lotions, shampoos or deodorant with you (unless you would like us to test them for toxicity).

It is important that your body be in breathable, comfortable, loose clothing. For example, 100% cotton lounging pants, t-shirt, sweatshirt, or sweater. We can machine-wash your clothes when needed during your stay with us, so there is no need to bring more than 2-3 changes.

You will be in and out of water sometimes during the day. We have cotton robes for your use unless you prefer to bring your own. 

If you plan to hike a trail or stroll downtown, remember comfortable walking shoes. Since we remove our shoes upon entry to the center, please bring cotton socks. We have some available for you, if needed.

Saint Jeffrey

Airport pickup
As a courtesy, we can pick you up at the airport in Raleigh, which is an hour and fifteen minute drive from here. Jeffrey will be waiting for you in a silver Prius, and a kind smile, outside the baggage claim area. His cell phone number is (910) 693-0331.

 You will love it here!