Personalized health food programs

Food Preparation

Sit in comfort as you watch delicious raw meals being prepared.  And learn about the nature of spices, special herbal teas, and superfoods. Experience hands-on food preparation and delicious organic (pesticide-free) raw, plant-based meals for your individual dosha, taste and nutritional needs. We serve about 80% raw, and sometimes a higher percent, depending on our client’s needs.

We also have a Recipe Book filled with our favorite raw or lightly cooked meals, soups and raw deserts, drinks, dehydrator treats and so on. This book also includes the use and source of amazing dosha balancing spices.

Last but not least, is our delicious oil-free raw organic dressings containing important essential fatty acids. We have had people agree that these dressing make can make cardboard taste good. Ha ha

We offer group classes on Food Preparation and sprouting by appointment.

Other Nutritional Considerations

  • Endocrine Issues: Chronic intake of acidic foods without a balanced alkaline mineral intake can create congestion in the lymph system and eventually manifest as an imbalance (hypo or hyperfunction) of one or more endocrine glands (thyroid, adrenal, gonadal, pancreatic, and pituitary). This can dramatically affect physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • Ayurvedic Doshas: A person’s “dosha” is basically a reflection of one’s constitution. The Ayurvedic healing system, which has been successfully used for thousands of years, recognizes the importance of the specific energies of foods and herbs in re-balancing and healing the body. In order to artfully develop an individualized diet, it is useful to be aware that different foods have specific effects on our constitution.

Use of botanicals

Herbs are ancient and they have a form of “consciousness.” A true herbalist understands and respects the healing qualities and life force of botanicals and knows their interactions with the organs and systems of the body (kidney, brain, nervous, heart, digestion, elimination, glandular and so on). The need for botanicals here at COAH is determined by QRA Testing our clients  → QRA Testing.  The body, not the practitioner, informs us what botanicals are needed. A powerful advantage!!!
Our herbs consist of formulas (usually 8-10 different herbs per formula) with a powerful group life-force designed to target, cleanse and regenerate “weak” organs or glands. The “weakness” of glands are identified by QRA Testing.

All herbs MUST be impeccably pure for them to truly reverse cellular congestion. They MUST be organic, Must be unprocessed and Must be excipient-free. Never compromise quality.

Botanicals should always be free of tag-alongs (herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, heavy metals, fumigants, irradiation, molds, synthetics, etc.). Fortunately, we have a way of testing this here at COAH.

Nutrients contained in our formulas are → cellularly resonant for ideal DNA protection. We use only → excipient-free products made with 100% pure vegetable capsules.