“The time I spent at Awakened Health was wonderful in every way. I felt deeply cared for, cleansed and inspired to raise my commitment to health to the highest level. The process Linda has developed is truly holistic, enjoyable and highly transformative. I give this a 5 star (tops) rating.”

Ed Bauman M. Ed., Ph.D.
Founder of Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts
Founder of Bauman Welness.com

  Center of awakened health (COAH)

Linda Sheer, director of the Center of Awakened Health (COAH), is a registered nurse with more than forty years of experience as a health professional in the fields of nutrition, detoxification and holistic health. Extensive training in these fields has provided her with much insight and practical knowledge to go along with multiple domestic and international certifications. Regarding her training, she has commented,   “I am infinitely grateful for the remarkable mentors and beloved teachers who, over the past forty plus years, have helped me to recognize and incorporate into my practice the natural laws of nature, always reminding me that what we eat, breathe, touch and think is all vitally and equally important to our health.                                           

COAH utilizes the ancient as well as the more current and advanced methods of healing, working almost entirely with clients dealing with chronic illnesses of all types, from cancer to diabetes and much more. We do not work with traditional dietary therapies or medical treatments. Our holistic pathway is “alternative” in its perspective and multi-layered in its approach.                                                        

A key intention here at COAH is to empower people to “be their own healer” so they can consciously work in tandem with their chosen practitioners.

For those suffering with illness and who need a “jump start” toward improved health, we offer daytime appointments as well as 4-day and 5-day live-in stay here at COAH. We provide a peaceful, safe, non-toxic, feng shui space to learn, rest and heal.

COAH offers seminars and certification programs:

“About Our School”

→ Level I – Seminar

→ Level II – Certification Program (Our School)



Overview of Programs

  • Detoxification and Flush Protocol therapies specific for the support of the kidneys, liver-gallbladder, colon, skin, and lymphatic system
  • Comprehensive → QRA Testing (Quantum Reflex Analysis), to identify vibrationally “weak” or “strong” organs & glands
  • Use of cellularly resonant, excipient-free, pesticide-free, unprocessed botanical formulas (usually 8-12 herbs in each formula) that are used to target a specific organ/gland that tests “weak” during QRA testing
  • Advanced External Detoxing (called I-Packs), targeting specific sites for the elimination of heavy metals and toxins around QRA tested “weak” trauma sites that cause chronic pain and → Interference Fields
  • Targeted → Mud Packing, determined by QRA testing for Interference fields
  • Infrared sauna, therapeutic soaking baths, and hygienic herbal enemas
  • Ayurvedic dosha integrated into dietary awareness and use of dosha balancing spices and essential oils
  • Group classes, by appointment, for Live Food Preparation – meals, sprouting, use of spices and more
  • Intuitive energy work
  • Guidance in eliminating environmental toxins of home & personal products
  • Personalized movement therapy instruction
  • 2-day seminars, regarding detoxification and natural health food practices. (Level 1 certification program available)
  • Advanced 10-day Intensive Seminar to learn QRA testing and natural health practices for “healers” and practitioners.  (Level II certification program available).
  • Seminar on Holistic Health (Level III) includes deep esoteric teachings for researchers of truth