First Appointment: $350 (QRA Testing)

  • This includes QRA testing and review of the detoxification, herbal and nutritional protocols. A folder of teaching handouts are provided along with our recipe book.
  • We see clients calling us as an “educational or support opportunity”. Therefore we DO NOT CHARGE a client (after QRA testing) who calls for program clarification, reinforcement, support, and encouragement.    
  • Takes approximately 3-4 hours.
  • We want you to know we are always here for you, therefore there is no charge when calling us for program clarification, support and reinforcement.

QRA Re-Testing: $250

  • Stand-alone diagnostic tool
  • Comprehensive assessment of organs, glands, traumas, etc.
  • Determining need for botanical formulas and dosage.
  • Takes approximately 2 hours, but we allow up to 3 hours.


Live-In Chronic Illness/Cancer Program

  • Daytime/Overnight plus meals: $180  This regards those traveling here from out of state, for QRA testing or I-packs and need overnight accommodations. Healthy organic meals are provided. (when there is a need for a second overnight, a special price of $65 dollars will be added).   Does not include the cost of QRA Testing, or I-Pack protocols, or botanical formulas.
  • 4-Day: $2,600 (includes QRA testing)*
  • 5-Day: $3,100 (includes QRA testing)*

*Price does not include botanicals recommended per QRA test. Botanicals average $300-600 for the first month and depending on need botanicals may be recommended another month or more.

After going home, we are continuously available without charge supporting our clients and family per phone or email. This gives us the opportunity to reinforce learning and encourage our clients.

Please note:

  • A non-refundable deposit of $300 dollars is charged to secure your 4-5 day program
  • Family discounts are available