Our Vision

Our hearts’ intention is for the highest good of all people who visit our Center.

We do this by:

  • Honoring, respecting, and supporting the uniqueness of each individual healing journey.
  • Continually researching and seeking new and higher levels of care in keeping with our integrity and service to our clients.
  • Providing an educational experience that empowers self-healing and practical application for continuous success at home.
  • Providing a clean, non-toxic, nurturing and comfortable environment with attention to individual preferences.

This picture was taken after sunset by a friend before the Center was remodeled. We wanted to downsize from the other very large center and moved it to where we lived. The “orb” that showed up in the photograph at our door seemed to say that this is a good place for COAH to be. After the decision was made, the previous Center sold in 10 days. We used the money to completely renovate our new healing Center (also our home).