“The time I spent at Awakened Health was wonderful in every way. I felt deeply cared for, cleansed and inspired to raise my commitment to health to the highest level."



2-Day Workshop/Flyer Information:


The workshop will be conducted informally to promote group dialog and questions and to foster interaction with Linda so she can share her years of hands-on experience with other practitioners and healers.


We will take a step-back and picture the body as a whole entity and provide an easy  yet brilliant and reasonable way to understand the different interlinking processes ... leading to the foundational cause of many so-called diseases.


"With nutrition, you can reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, joint pain, digestive problems, obesity, kidney stones, the list goes on ..."


Everyone in this workshop will learn how to detox the “whole” material body, and how to use nutrition to reverse inflammatory acidic chemistry, which often leads to chronic illness.


Linda will demonstrate how to determine the need for botanicals through kinesiology and the use of clairvoyant skills. She will also integrate her experience of esoteric (inner world) knowledge, vital in true healing work.


"There really are no diseases, just blocked energy.”


“My prayer & vision for this workshop is to “hold a loving honoring space”, to raise consciousness for the gleaning of knowledge so as to enhance each individuals unique skills as healers, practitioners, servers.  And as a support for us all to enter into radiant health."


Linda is the founding owner and director of the Center of Awakened Health (COAH). COAH, a clinic, benefits individuals suffering from chronic illness such as cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, hypertension and so on.   A 5-day stay at the Center is available to clients (especially those expressing cancer),  for introspection, for critically important lymphatic detoxification, integration of an nutritional lifestyle, and multiple protocols and healing practices.