We are a residential and daytime alternative medicine and alternative cancer facility specializing in detoxification and nutritional healing practices with a holistic approach to all chronic illnesses.


Linda Sheer's 40 years of experience lies behind the rejuvenative health practices and usage of ancient and advanced 21st Century methods.


Besides hourly appointments, we offer a comprehensive Cancer and Chronic Illness 5-day live-in Program in a peaceful, clean, feng shui space that is environmentally non-toxic. We are located in the beautiful village of Historic Southern Pines, North Carolina.


Our program is exceptionally beneficial for individuals suffering from cancer and chronic illnesses such as diabetes, fibromyalgia, hypertension, kidney stones, hepatitis, migraines and other health challenges, as well as those simply seeking a higher level of wellness.


β€‹β€œThe time I spent at Awakened Health was wonderful in every way. I felt deeply cared for, cleansed and inspired to raise my commitment to health to the highest level. The process Linda has developed is truly holistic, enjoyable and highly transformative. I give this a 5 star (tops) rating.”— Ed Bauman, Ph.D.Director, Bauman CollegeHolistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts


Overview of Programs


  • Detoxification/flush therapies specific for kidney, liver, gallbladder, colon, skin & lymph systems
  • QRA Testing (Quantum Reflex Analysis) to identify weak organs & glands. A stand-alone diagnostic tool.)
  • Cellular resonant excipient-free supplementation
  • Targeted Mud Packs for elimination of heavy metals and toxins around all trauma sites (that cause chronic pain & interference fields)
  • Infra red sauna, therapeutic soaking baths & skin care therapies
  • Metabolic Typing for biochemical balance
  • Individualized nutritional programs with live food preparation & recipes
  • Organic live whole foods designed for each person's unique rhythm, but usually 80% raw
  • Advanced massage therapy
  • Instruction on eliminating environmental toxins of home & personal products
  • Personalized movement therapy and intuitive energy work
  • Awareness support of body-mind-spirit connection and conscious detachment (instead of harmful unconscious suppression) of difficult emotional/thought forms.

SERVING chapel hill, raleigh, carrboro, hillsborough AND SURROUNDING AREAS.